How To Get Healthy Hair In 9 Easy Steps.

We all adore by the beautiful, bouncy and healthy hair, but our busy and chaotic lifestyles make us tend to forget how much our hair needs for our care. Our hair expose to too much harsh elements like sun, wind, dust, chemical etc. every day. Therefore, our hair actually needs a lot of care in order for it to remain healthy.

Damage to the hair is sometimes inevitable with the popularity of flat irons, blowout bars, perms, over dye jobs. Not all is lost, whether looking to restore your damaged hair or maintain your healthy hair. A few changes to your routine will lead to a healthier and shiny looking hair

How to get healthy hair

1. Change the routine for hair washing
How many times do you shampoo your hair in a day? Shampoo your hair more often no doubt can help to wash away the dirt and sweat on your hair, but if you excessively shampoo your hair, the shampoo will also remove the essential oils that your scalp generate to keep your hair smooth, silky, and shiny.

Washing your hair more than 2 times daily can lead to drying hair or oilier hair as stripping hair of natural oils causes the oil glands to overproduce the oils. Hair specialist recommends washing hair 3 to 4 times a week and allowing your to hair a rest between washing.
Water makes the hair swell forcing the cuticle up leading to breakage. Curlier hair can go for longer without washing compared to straight hair as straight hair produces more oils.

2. Handle your hair with care
Hair specialist recommend using dry shampoo in order to reduce the number of times you wash your hair per week.

Dry shampoo will help get rid of grease, dirt and sweat to give your hair an amazing texture. On the days, you wash your hair use pre Shampoo to smooth your cuticles before it gets wet to minimize damage

3. Get the right shampoo and conditioner
All shampoos contain detergents that strip scalp its natural oils and color. Look for shampoos that contain protein and ‘damage repairing’ function. For the cleansing conditioner, look for the one that contain lower concentration of detergents.

Alternate between a cleansing conditioner and shampoo during your washes. Conditioners remove residues that make hair less springy. Apply shampoo to your scalp, not the ends.

4. Do not brush wet hair; comb it instead
When your hair is wet, it is weaker and fragile therefore prone to breakage. Do not rough them dry with your towel but gently blot the water out. Use a wide comb and start working from ends.

5. Use heat-protecting treatments
Heat is very damaging to your hair. Add layers to the hair before heat styling. Apply the protecting spray section by section to your damp hair; you need to mist full length of your hair for each section.

Comb your hair after to redistribute the formula. Look for one that has hair protection of not less than 450 degrees.

Furthermore, use the heat styling devices carefully. Keep away the hair dryer, curling iron, straightener and hot rollers unless there is a special occasion for you, remember those hot element cause greater damage to your hair. Use leave in treatments to protect and moisturize your hair before blow-drying

6. Treat your scalp
Treating your scalp will keep your hair follicles clean and prevent blockage and inflammation that may leads to thinning of hair. Use homemade treatments like vinegar, plain yogurt egg yolk, and olive mask.

Egg yolk contains omega three fatty acids antioxidants and cholesterol. A solution to solve your hair problems like loss of hair, graying of hair, and frizzy hair

7. Boost your hair shine and softness
Experts recommended us to use dry oils, which contain the lesser oils and silicones component. Apply to your roots, shaft, and tips. This will create the most natural shine as compared to using shine sprays and serum.

8. Trim your hair
Get a trim of the split ends. This will prevent the ends from splitting up the shaft making your look healthy.

9. Consume more nutrients and foods that promote healthy hair
Take a balanced diet that rich in proteins vitamin B and omega 3s, it helps your hair to look thick and healthy.

Implement these easy steps to get that healthy and bouncy hair you always wanted. Avoid harsh substances and start a new routine to get your hair into gorgeous self. Take natural nutrients like proteins vitamins and iron for your hair growth and health. Eat right and exercise. Health on the inside will reflect on the hair too.