How Color Affect Your Mood?

What would our life be if everything was black or white? Then there would be no life. Why do we look more attractive in red? Why do we tend to wear black when in foul mood or feel evil? I have all the answers to these and more questions in my article.Read on to find out more about your favorite color and how they affect your mood.

1. RED- Red is hot. Date nights, party’s or just a stroll with your crush, red is the color. It gets the heart racing. It is a passionate color hence the roses are red. It also signifies valor and hardness. Restaurants use red color because it is an appetite stimulant, food looks more delicious.

2.GREEN-The color of nature is resting to eyes, you should definitely make the color of your room green if you are more prone to restlessness. It is a refreshing color. Green color relieves stress and has a calming effect. It is also a symbol of fertility.

3.BLACK- People wearing black are often seen as aggressive. Of course it makes you look slimmer and in power. It is a timeless and stylish color. It can also make the wearer look evil. Priests wear black as a color of submission to god. Ancient people used to differentiate poisonous food by color, Black was considered to be poison.

4.ORANGE-It is more suitable to wear for workouts because orange is the color of enthusiasm and stimulation. It helps in supplying more oxygen to brain and increases brain activity. Orange is the color of autumn which calls to feelings such as warmth and excitement.

5.GREY-Grey is considered as passive, uninvolved and lack of energy. It is a big no to wear it for interviews. But you can pair it up with a bright color to even it up.

6.YELLOW-A bright color like the sun. It is cheerful and an attention getter. It signifies optimism, enhances concentration and speeds up metabolism. But people are often said to lose temper in a yellow room so it goes to the wardrobe and not the wall.

7.PURPLE-Purple is the color of royalty. It looks artificial but implies luxury and wealth. Purple also makes one feel mysterious and soothing. It is a rich, sensual color.

8.WHITE-The color of dove is the universal color, it goes with every color. It signifies peace and tranquility. Bride’s wear white as a sign of purity and innocence. It also represents justice and vigilance. White color may also seem cold and isolated like a blank slate.

9.BLUE-Men wearing blue on a date are more calmer. It lowers blood pressure, the opposite of red. people are more productive in a blue room.It makes the wearer look stable. It is more appropriate to wear blue color to interviews as it represents loyalty. It is also a cold and depressing color.

10.BROWN-A solid color. It is the color of earth. It is often associated with reliability and wistfulness. It also creates feelings such as loneliness and isolation like the desert.