Health Benefits of Yoga

In the past, yoga was not just an exercise but it was also a cultural of lifestyle for Indian People. They dedicated themselves to a culture and lifestyle that more than just their meditation skills, yoga was also influence their eating culture, bathing habits, social interaction, working and so on. Its philosophy is rooted in the physical culture of health and the general well-being that’s still emphasized nowadays at yoga retreats. This explains why more than 15 million people across the world are practicing this antediluvian tradition from the ancient Hindu nowadays.

Each yoga pose (asana) has their name. Namely as seated twists, standing postures, arm balances, backbends, core holds, inversions and so on. Let take the pose “downward facing dog” as an example, in common this pose is in said to improve our digest system, increase the body energy, calming brain, strengthen arms & legs, healing high blood pressure etc. Whereas these health benefits come as a guarantee with most yoga postures, the yoga practice as a whole offers many other benefits than what you can imagine. Below are 8 main health benefits for practicing yoga:-

  • Benefits breathing and lowers blood pressure

If you practice yoga on a constant basis, your lung capacity shall increase due to the deep breathing processes. This will in turn have positive effects on more intense sporting activities that you might take part in, increasing your endurance and stamina. Furthermore, calming and meditation yoga asanas usually slow down the heart rate thus lowering blood pressure. They have also been linked with lowering cholesterol level and improving one’s immune system.

  • Reduce stress and make you feel happier

Certain yoga poses are using their specify meditation techniques to help you to focus your mind on your breathing. The purpose is to peace the constant ‘mind chatters’.  It helps to release stress and allow you to relax. Practicing these breathing methods on meditation may boost the oxygen delivered to your brain, therefore, it help you to feel happier in your days.

  • Increases confidence level

Apart from inspiring spiritual values, meditation also may increase your self-confidence. This process usually works after you are releasing your tension from your mind, this allowing you to feel free and reconnect your soul and your body. Without anxiety, you’ll be able to create an inner connection with yourself.

  • Weight Lost

If you are currently facing obesity problem, that’s mean that there are some imbalances in your daily life and one of the main factors that contribute in gaining weight is over stress. Practicing yoga more often will help you to bring back a deep sense of relaxation to your mind and body. We tend to eat more when we feel stress, releasing our stress regularly may help to prevent us from overeating. Associate with exercise than the goal of losing weight is not unachievable.

  • Increases flexibility

Many people thought that they are not flexible enough to practice yoga. But the truth is on the other hands. Yoga poses normally will safely stretching your muscles, no matter how tight your muscles are, by often practicing you may find that you are getting easier and easier to complete the poses. At the same time, yoga also able to stretch other soft tissues in the body like tendons and ligaments. This increases the motion range in the joints and allows you to move around more freely.

  • Develops muscle tone and strength

Several yoga poses have deep effects on the upper body strength, like the upward and downward dog, the plank emphases on the core. As well as standing asanas, it may help to strengthen the upper leg muscles. Basically each yoga pose will reinforce a given area of the body if it’s done correctly, without putting excessive stress on the specific muscle groups.

  • Improves your posture

By practicing yoga, you will maintain your weight in a healthy level, muscles become much more flexible and improve your muscle strength and tone. You will find out that your posture will improve greatly because of this. The back muscles and abdominals can now support your weight fully and you’ll be able to sit and stand tall thus preventing niggling injuries, aches as well as pains.

The beauty of yoga pose is that it can always be practiced almost anywhere, on your own or together with other yoga fanatics. If you’ve been inspired to give yoga a try, then there’s no better place for you to try it than on an startling yoga holiday with destinations you can always enjoy the luxurious healthy holidays while still profiting from the extraordinary fitness and health benefits that yoga has to offer.