Change Our Thinking and Make Our Exercise Fun!

To obtain the true benefits from exercise is required a lot of efforts and disciplines. Regular practicing is the only way to achieve the goal. Due to exercise needs our long term commitment, therefore it is very important to find out the routine that suitable for us. Additionally, we also need to try out different type of exercises and sports in order for our body to adapt to the challenge and are able to improve day by day.

As we all know the first step is always the hardest step to take, but if we set our mind firmly, definitely we can find the solution to overcome our barricade. Bear in mind that exercise brings a lot of benefits to our health and our health influence our family’s health. As we loved our family, we need to ensure that our body stay healthy before we are able to take care of them.

Although for some of us (actually most of us) it is very difficult to carry out our exercise on time or on schedule with the reasons of tire, lack of time, not interested, etc. Most of us need to take care of our career and family concurrently, therefore exercise become less important compare to the other matters that always distract our attention. However, it is undeniable that exercise is very important for our health and people always says that when there is a will there is a way. Therefore, we should not scare to move out our first step for exercise.

In order to cultivate our habit for exercise, we need to change our mind and turn the exercise into something fun for us. Firstly, we need to believe that if we exercise consistently, we may able to enjoy tons of benefits that not only from physical but also from the social side. This is because if we are playing team sport or going to gym with friends, it may keep us in touch with others.

Secondly, it is important for us to choose the sport or exercise that we really like. Remember, do not keep on trying basketball if we are doing better and having more fun in playing tennis. Chose the exercise that is fun and workable is the key for us to keep our passionate on continuing in exercise.

Thirdly, after we finding exercise is fun and we are intend to continue on it, we may start to do some cross training or in other words, to mix different sports or exercise. By doing so we can randomly shift our routines and to build up our body with different types of workout. It is a good idea to follow a routine that combines muscle strength, aerobic exercises and other activities such as an individual or team sports, so our body can keep on improving.

If we already tired for gym, we may shift to swim. For someone that is not good in swimming may try for riding. If the bicycle is not your favorite, try for running, there is so many exercises that we can chose. For who doesn’t like to exercise in solo, try for soccer or basketball, which we may play with our family, friends or colleagues. Other than that, we may also try for Pilates, yoga, salsa, skiing, playing baseball or kayaking. There are so many interesting sports that awaiting us to discover.

To sustain our exercise habit, we need to understand the benefits that will come along with our effort so that we will not let go our persistent easily and can enjoy every moment during the workout. The benefits of exercise are stress reduction, improvement of resistance, regulation of arterial pressure, body weight control and many more.

Therefore, stop giving excuse and let us start to move our body today. Remember, after changing our mind, everything is possible.