Cancer is one of the degenerative illnesses which millions of people are suffering of it.

“The United States is now in the worst widespread degenerative and chronic diseases that mankind has ever known”, stated by the world Health Organization and the American Medical Association. The actual reason that cause of the growth of cancer is still unknown. It is generally believed that there is no single reason that leads to the formation of cancer, many factors are actually contributed to the development of cancer cells.

Generally, lifestyle, dieting habit and environment pollutants that enter to human body are the vital causes for many of degenerative diseases including cancer. It is not surprise that the number of cancer is increasing every year. If you take a look at the average people’s lifestyle and food choices, you will notice that we are consuming too much of fat, sugar, junk food and drink too much of alcohol. Besides, we also take in excessive chemicals substances such as preservative, pesticide and additives from our food. Although in the most ideal condition, our body still can’t escape from pollutants because even our air, soil and water are filled with toxins.

Our bodies are packed with free radicals and our livers are full with stresses. We used to find not enough time to care for our bodies and souls. Our thoughts and minds are often uncontrollably in negative and self-defeating mode. Many factors contribute to weaken our bodies self defense system – our combat cells. With less proficiency of immune system, mutated cells can escape from the tumor suppressor genes and spread at it will.

When something happens to certain genes inside cells may cause these cells being mutated. Mutated genes then turn into oncogenes (oncogene is a gene that has the potential to cause cancer). These genes are active at all time and keep signalling normal cells to split themselves at abnormal rate. Cancer is the result of cells that grow uncontrollably. These cells do not die like normal cells do. Normal cells will go through the process of growth, division and following by death. When the process of programmed cells death (apoptosis) break down, mutated cells will not experience programmatic death and will continuously grow and divide. This leads to the tumor to grow.

division of cells
Split of cells