Blackheads – Cause, Cure, And Prevention

When your skin hair follicles are clogged, you may likely experience blackheads. A blackhead remains a small or tiny bump that appears on the skin. When blackheads appear on your skin they often look black or dark. A blackhead is the serious form of acne that usually appears on the face. Blackheads can as well appear on the shoulders, arms, neck, chest and back.

The Causes Of A Blackhead On The Skin:

When there is a plug or clog forming in the opening of your skin hair follicles, you may eventually see blackheads. Each follicle on your skin contains a sebaceous gland and one hair that secrets sebum. The function of sebum is to ensure your skin remains soft. In the opening of your body follicles, dead skin oils and cells produce a bump known as a comedone. When the skin covering the bump remains open, then a whitehead is formed. Below are some causes of blackheads on the skin.

1. Drug consumption such as androgens, lithium, or corticosteroids

2. Hormonal changes during puberty, taking birth control pills, or experiencing menstruation

3. Over production of body oil

4. Irritation of your hair follicles. This is when dead skin cell do not regularly shed

5. The buildup of propionibacterium acnes on the skin

The Treatment Of Blackheads:

A. Medications Prescription: Medications prescription may be recommended if the OTC method of cure does not resolve your acne problems. Most medications that are designed with ingredients such as adapalene, tazarotene, tretinion and other vitamin A products will prevent plugs from developing. This will help to accelerate a rapid growth of skin cells.

B. Microdermabrasion: Medical experts often make use of unique tools during microdermabrasion. These tools have features that can be used to smooth the skin. Microdermabrasion will help to sand the surface of skin properly to get rid of clogs caused by blackheads.

C. OTC Cure: Without any prescriptions, you can find a plethora of acne medications at grocery and drug stores. These medications can be found in a pad, gel or cream form. All you have to do is directly apply the medication on the affected place. Most OTC medications contain resorcinol, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. They can help to dry excessive body oil, kill skin bacteria and shed dead cells.

D. Manual Removal: Medical practitioners can make use of a round loop extractor to help you get rid of blackheads.

E. Light And Laser Therapy: With tiny beams of strong light, blackheads can be removed. Light and laser therapies can help to kill bacteria and reduce oil production.

Preventing Blackheads On Your Skin:

By trying a couple of ideas in this content, you can prevent blackheads without spending tons of dollars.

1. Oil-free Products: Blackheads can quickly form when using a product that contains oil. You can make use of oil-free sunscreens, lotions, or makeup to prevent any acne growth.

2. Using Exfoliating Products: Dead cells are quickly removed by using exfoliating masks and scrubs. Exfoliating products that do not cause petulant actions on the skin can as well be used in a time of need.

3. Regular Bath: When you regularly clean your skin, blackheads may find it difficult form anywhere on your body. Bathing regularly can as well get rid of oil buildup and reduce blackhead invasion.