How Mobile Apps and Intelligent Gadgets Help to Improve Our Health

Health and wellness have become a key priority for today’s people, fitness being a health and wellness component, people have begun embracing it immensely. Over the years technology has grown in leaps and bounds with an ever growing app market that helps in building online communities. That being the case the app market has numerous mobile and intelligent gadgets that help you stay shaped up in myriad ways. Below are some of the ways of how mobile apps and intelligent gadgets help to improve our health:

Mobile Apps

  • Calorie Counting

Are you a foodie and can’t possibly keep track of your caloric intake per day? Do you know there are calorie counting apps in the mobile or tablet available for you. Those apps keep track of the calories you eat without you crunching the numbers. The calorie counting apps come with over 3 million databases of food, all you need is to key in what you’ve eaten and the app takes care of the rest. The above helps in keeping health and fitness in check being an important way of how mobile apps and intelligent gadgets help to improve our health.

  • Monitoring Your Workout Routines

Some apps will prompt you to input data on your goals and fitness regimes, the app will then monitor calories consumed throughout the day. The apps keep personal workout histories and more often than not motivates the user to outdo his/ her best performance for more results. To think of how mobile apps and intelligent gadgets help to improve our health, apps like Edmundo sports and my fitness pal help keep our fitness in check. For the people who enjoy running/jogging, apps like Ranstatic will help you monitor your running progress. Most of the apps come with music incorporated, what is more fun than listening to your music of your choice as you enjoy your workout regime/s?

  • Water Intake Monitoring

Water is an essential component in our bodies and dehydration can affect our health in numerous ways. There are people who are naturally poor water drinkers, the app reminds and monitors your water intake throughout the day and during you workout regime. The app is called Water Logged, this is how mobile apps and intelligent gadgets help to improve our health.

  • New Ideas

We have apps that show how mobile apps and intelligent gadgets help to improve our health by giving users new ideas on how to stay fit. An app like Body Fitness and Jefit are advanced apps to offer suggestions on workout routines for specifically required results. We also have Yoga apps for Yoga lovers, the app comes with instructional videos, pictures, and instructions to improve your routines. An example of Yoga app is Tai chi and Yoga app.

  • Motivation

Nothing is as good as a motivated person in anything the person strives to do. In motivation, one gets a drive and the urge to achieve. The mobile apps being a way of how mobile apps and intelligent gadgets help to improve our health creates online communities. These communities bring people with a common goal together and it becomes easier for people to soldier on the fitness journey with drive and motivated to ultimate results.

Intelligent Gadget


Nowadays watch in the market is not only allow you to monitor your time, they can be so intelligence to bring your added functions and fun. Let get to know what can a intelligent watch do for you:-

  • Tracking and Sharing Your Activities

Your move, your stand and your exercise rings will show your activities rate in a day. The watch will motivate you to more active in order to close the rings. Besides, if you were sitting for a long time, the watch will ring to remind you that you should get out from the seat and move around. The watch may help to track the number of steps you’ve gone through and also track how many calories you have burned. With the aid of the watch, people may aim for an extra exercise even it is just a 30 minutes per day. By using the watch, you may share as well as compare your Activity Rings with your family and friends to stay motivate or compete among them to see who can be the first one to close their rings.

  • Measure Your Workouts

Pick one of the workouts either indoor or outdoor including jogging, running, biking, hiking etc., then determine your goals and start moving. When you start to move, the intelligent watch will accurately measures and keep track of your movement.

  • Monitor Your Health

The intelligent watch may aid you to be more alert to your health. The watch helps you to closely observe your heart rates, you will get better management to daily stress. You may also install apps that are related to your specific routines. With that you will be able to monitor your health condition more easily.

Now that technology is right on our palms, let us all embrace health and fitness by embracing how mobile apps and intelligent gadgets help to improve our health.