Top 3 Anti-Aging Methods

Does it seem like every time you look in the mirror you find something else to critique – some new wrinkle or discoloration, a grey hair or receding hairline? Society today has placed such a tremendous importance on youth and fighting ageing, and there are a million products out there to help us do this. It is okay to fight the effects of time and age, but you want to be able to do so classily and gracefully. Here are 3 secrets from the experts to guide you in your quest for, if not eternal, then at least extended, youth.

1. Exfoliate – But in Moderation
Exfoliating is simply the process of removing dried, dead skin cells from your body. It is important to do all over, not just on your face. This is a very important step in the anti-aging process. It can help you clear up some skin problems and give you healthy skin.

We are all born with a natural exfoliation process in our skin, but over time this process slows down and we have to manually help it along. Using an exfoliate that contains retinol can help get into the deeper layers of your skin, repairing those layers that contain collagen and elastin and giving them the boost they need to get working again. With continued use, your skin will become smoother and younger-looking naturally.

But be careful! If your skin starts to turn red or become excessively dry, you are probably over-exfoliating. How often you should exfoliate depends on your skin type and needs, so ask a professional before you begin this type of regime.

2. Relax, and Relax Some More
Studies show that people who are relaxed and enjoy life naturally look younger. However, it is often difficult to relax in our stress-filled lives, and scheduling time for relaxing is even more impossible. But what if we said that taking the time to relax can actually be therapeutic, assist in weight loss and anti-aging, and be considered an exercise?

Spending time in a sauna has scientifically backed results that show all of these benefits and more, and the only thing you have to do is relax. In particular, infrared saunas have some amazing health benefits. They naturally lower your stress levels, speed up recovery time of injuries, and can even improve your mental health!

As far as reducing the effects of aging, consistent use in a sauna can neutralize the pH of your skin and optimize its hydration. They detoxify your body, cleansing it of the unnatural ingredients we ingest that speed the aging process, and saunas can even increase your life longevity.

3. One Word: Tea
Teas have become the thing to drink since scientific studies have shown them to have amazing health benefits. Many teas, such as white tea and green tea, naturally include anti-aging antioxidants. Teas can also be mixed together to create face masks.

Ginger teas help prevent collagen from breaking down, and honey helps to reduce inflammation, which speeds up signs of aging. While many teas have had the bad rep of tasting nasty or bitter, there are so many types on the market now that you can easily find one that benefits your needs and tastes good as well.
The Fountain of Youth?

While the above suggestions won’t have Ponce de Leon’s descendants rushing to continue his search, they all will naturally benefit you and help you with your quest to look younger and fight aging gracefully. With benefits that improve your health and make you look better, what’s stopping you from starting right now?