10 Bad Habits that Will Fasten Aging

Premature aging has become a major point of concern among most of us and the reason behind this is because it not only affects our physical appearance but also our overall health and as well as our self-esteem. Studies shown that our lifestyle are actually the main factor that affecting our physical appearance and impacting our aging process.

With the advancements in today’s generation, there have been medical advancements to help reverse the physical signs of aging but the aging process still continues from the inside and there is little that we can do to stop this process apart from changing our lifestyle.

Here is a list of 10 habits that we incorporate in our everyday life and which fastens our aging process.

1. Using too much make up.
This is common in ladies who apply too much make up in an attempt to enhance their physical appearance. This enhanced beauty comes with its cost. Too much make up and especially if it contains high volumes of oil blocks the pores and causes skin infections. Additionally products that contain perfume and alcohol causes dryness to the skin that ends up reduce the skin’s natural fat. The long term effect of this is the appearance of wrinkles.

2. Lack of essential fats in your diet.
Most nutritionist’s advice on limited consumption of fats for purposes of improving ones health. However, there are certain types of fats that are needed to keep your skin looking young. These fats include the Omega 3 fatty acids mostly found in fish and also fats from nuts that help keep your skin moist and at the same time preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

3. Consuming lots of sugar.
Presently, most if not all of the foods we consume contains high sugar concentration. The sugar molecules in the sugars we consume binds with the proteins in our skin cells which makes our skin become stiff and uneven. This eventually causes our skin to become pale and it bring with it skin wrinkles.

4. Smoking.
Smoking either as an active or a passive smoker can impact negatively on your skin. Continued exposure to the smoke for just a few days can cause skin dryness associated with the appearance of wrinkles. Smoking also reduces vitamin c in your body which helps maintain the skin’s moisture.

5. Multitasking.
Having a long to- do list can stress you up because you are pressured to complete all the tasks within a short time span. This stress causes free radicals that damages our skin cells and this fosters aging.

6. Sleeping on your face.
Sleeping on your face can cause sleep wrinkles that can sometimes be permanent. Sleeping on your face for a night will not create permanent lines, jut if you sleep on your face night after night, year after year then the sleep wrinkles will eventually end up being permanent. Sleep on your back or side to avoid this.

7. Staring at your phone all through 24/7.
Being attached to your phone 24 hours 7 days in a week can foster the premature aging. This is because the skin on your neck is thinner than that on your face and staring at your phone all through causes a strain on it which makes its muscles even weaker. The neck skin then becomes more susceptible to showing early signs of aging.

8. Drinking from a straw.
This has become a habit among most consumer of soft drinks as well as other liquid drinks. Pursing your lips to sip drinks from a straw can cause smoker style lines around your mouth. Continued use of straws and also drinking from non-reusable bottles can cause these smoker style lines to form permanent wrinkles on your skin.

9. Lack of exercise.
The sedentary life style among most people today is the major cause of premature aging. This exercise free life style not only causes obesity but it is also associated kidney and cardiovascular diseases that are also associated with ones skin condition. Lack of exercises causes premature aging.

10. Lack intake of fibers/ Unbalance diet
Consuming too much of meats, processed foods, fast foods, instant noddles, junk foods etc. but lacking of fresh vegetables, oat, fruits and so on is the major cause that lead to aging. When our body is lacking of fiber, our digestive system and excretory system will not be able to function well. This will cause too much waste being store inside our body and the toxin will fasten the aging process for our skin, blood and organs.

Therefore, change your lifestyle today for an enhanced skin appearance!